From the heart…

Reflection…. 26 May 2017

What if…

What if the sky was blue
And if the grass was green
Could we better lift our hearts
Beyond moon and stars, to places unseen.

What if blood were red
And we could bleed to death
Would we leave things unsaid
Unloved beyond last breath.

What if sunflowers were yellow
Or even brightest gold
Could we sing ‘til our hearts were mellow
Until we did grow old

What if the grass was green
What if the sky was blue
Could I keep you in my heart
Forever, me and you.


Reflection…. 16 May 2017

“Don’t Know” mind

You don’t know me
You think you do…
But it’s not possible for you to really know me.
Do you want to even try to know me?
Are you curious about me?
Or are you curious about you within me,
Or maybe just you…

I don’t know me.
Sometimes I think I know me,
But I don’t.
It’s not possible to really know me,
Just concepts and constructs of others,
Or maybe God.
How curious am I about “I” or “me”?

I don’t know you.
Sometimes I think I know you… but I’m misinformed.
I know of concepts and constructs… paradigms
And if my heartmind is open I know about lenses.
I only know of you through my eyes,
And the door of my heartmind.
Is the door closed or open?
Even then,
I still don’t know you,
or me…

Reflection… 3 June 2016

a crude measurement of the immeasurable, Love

Reflection… 17 April 2015

Reflection… 9 Aug 2012

For Daniel, Tom, and Emily – A Mothers Love

Through joyful moments, caring and laughter –
And even in the gloom
Through tears, tests, and trials
A mother’s love can grow and bloom.

Each child is a celebration,
A miracle and a joy,
A chance for a mother to learn and grow,
A magnificent harvest of the seeds we sow.

Meditating on your special day,
Holding my love for you in my heart
It seems we can’t be together
And yet,
We’ve never been apart.

Reflection… 3 Aug 2012

Reflection… 9 Feb 2012

There is no I – only All

Every thought I think consciously
I share with the world.

Every meal I consume consciously
I nourish and feed all beings, body and soul.

Every act of generosity I consciously engage in
I share myself with all of life.

Every conscious act of loving kindness
Loves all that is in existence.

Within every conscious act of compassion
I feel the pain and suffering of the world.

Every time I heal a part of my self
All beings heal, little by little.

Every breath I take consciously
I breathe for all of life.

There is no I
There is only All.

The words on this page are the original writing of Jen Hall ©