Infinity, eternally: everything is copacetic…

Infinity, eternally: a crude measurement of the immeasurable, Love.

Listening to Tara Brach- Beyond the Prison of Beliefs – today I was deeply touched by the story of a heart transplant recipient meeting the donor’s wife. As the wife of the donor placed her hand on the chest of the recipient she said “everything is copacetic”: a personal communication her and her deceased husband shared while he was alive after disturbances between them. The story of the recipient reflected many of the deceased man’s traits and habits the recipient had integrated since receiving the donated heart, including the use of the word “copacetic”. A sense of “infinity, eternally” arose within me along with a realisation of how enchanted we become with these experiences of connection after someone dies.

a crude measurement of the immeasurable, Love
a crude measurement of the immeasurable, Love

My heartmind explored that during life the connection is there albeit deeper and less accessible; beyond thought, suffering, behaviour, perceptions and experiences that can create an armour so difficult to penetrate. How do we sense the energy of that which is “infinity, eternally” that exists beyond our beliefs? What is the aliveness that is constantly in the background of our existence? What is the aliveness sometimes sensed more potently after death of a loved one? Beyond the prison of beliefs is infinity, eternally… love.

Tara shared this verse from Rumi…

I am water. I am the thorn

that catches someone’s clothing…

There’s nothing to believe.

Only when I quit believing in myself

did I come into this beauty…

Day and night I guarded the pearl of my soul.

Now in this ocean of pearling currents,

I’ve lost track of which was mine.

Watch Beyond the Prison of Beliefs with Tara Brach here:

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