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Success Is Simply Spiritual - The KISS Principle of Transformation. -Keep it simply spiritual-
Success Is Simply Spiritual – The KISS Principle of Transformation. -Keep it simply spiritual-


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Imagine a world where Awareness, Love Wisdom and Abundance are the dominant experiences of its inhabitants. A world of balance, conscious harmony and acceptance. Understanding 7 Universal Laws and Principles is the key to Success! Imagine you are the centre of the Universe. See yourself as the power source that creates your experience. What would your experience be like? How would you love your life to be? Read more

Here’s some comments from readers of Success is Simply Spiritual:

“This book is as refreshing as it is challenging. Where there are so many books of this genre that contain buzz phrases and help the readers find only short-term relief for their problems, this book provides strategies for true solutions. And there is a huge difference between gaining relief, and getting a solution. Further, the book is written in plain English that is easy to understand without the need for senseless psychobabble. The author gives insights into her own life to show that she “walks the talk.”” – Anthony Dillon – Psychology and Health Sciences Lecturer

How brave is Jen Hall to have been so open about her life in her inspiring book: Success is Simply Spiritual. How many of us would have the courage to share so much of ourselves in print. Despite having met Jen many years ago, only now do I feel that I really know her and understand her journey. Thank you Jen for providing such a valuable tool for others to use in their journey.” –
Barry Casey- Psychologist

“An inspiring book filled with empowering principles that will open your heart and expand your mind.” Dr. John F Demartini (Dr. John F. Demartini is the Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience – A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation)

” I do want to say how much I enjoyed your book and how it helped me in some hard to analyse intangible way but gave me a boost when I needed it, inspired self confidence in being able to overcome self doubt………. so thank you very much Jenny. I do remember how candid, open and honest were your writings. You bravely lay yourself open and vulnerable about your personal life which I found very courageous, so thank you for being so brave. That is also what gave the book so much strength and credibility, and thus gave me the strength also.” Alex J.

“Thank you Jen for illustrating how the events in our life can be used in a positive way and explaining the law of attraction in such a graphic way. It must have taken a lot of courage to relate your personal story so that your readers can identify their own story and apply the law of attraction in their own lives.”Ms Manon Barnes

“A Magnificent description about the polarity of life, enabling me to see balance in everything. Jen has taken great courage, to describe the 7 Laws and how they work in our bodies: using various life experiences, Jen demonstrates how we can use the same principles in our lives. I highly recommend this great book, a “must” to have on any bookshelf.” Dave Wakeham, Publisher

“In a heat wave with a hot cup of tea, a temperature and sore throat and feeling well sorry for myself I switched on my computer, zoomed in on the text (still in denial about wearing glasses) and began to read the rest of your book. I had only read the first chapter before I went away and now I was determined to sit focus and read! As with most things in my life I believe everything happens as it should and when it should and reading your book was no different. It’s such a joy to see your words spill across the pages with love and compassion, I see you standing at the edge of the great ocean called life and in your hand is your book, a part of you and your life’s experiences so far, your rock if you like, and now you get to throw it into the water and watch the ripples expand from its centre — to some the ripples will be a gentle reminder of what they already know, many will see the ripples at different points and be taken on their own journey, riding the wave of energy you have started and to others the ripples will seem like giant waves and they will be confronted — perhaps ducking and diving to avoid them or crashing through them to confront and to challenge. I have no doubt whom ever reads this book will be taken on a journey and that journey will both challenge and change them. How brave you are to share your life with so many. I am proud of your achievements and I am eternally grateful to have you as part of my life’s journey. The book is as it should be; a true reflection of your unconditional love.” – Nigel

I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful nature and generosity of spirit . I love your energy and zest for life. Your book Success is Simply Spiritual has inspired me to recapture the funny happy go lucky confident person that i proudly am. I can’t thank you enough for that. Your endless knowledge and ability to explain the wonderful working’s of Spirit is explained beautifully, even though i haven’t finished the book i feel like a different person. Life certainly does change we grow older and slowly wiser I’m glad i picked up your book and look forward to making decisions based on my judgment and with a refreshed confidence knowing everything happens for a reason. And I am responsible for my environment. Life sure is good. Love your work Jenny keep it up.
BIg Big hugs” – Laura

“I am only part way through the book, but what I appreciate is the point of view it is written from, that I am human and have fears and weaknesses as well as my strengths. It’s my favourite vantage point to read,  from spiritual teachers, that of, I am one of you , amongst you suffering and succeeding along with you and here are some things I have found that help me. Sometimes I feel spirituality self development books tend to on the whole be written from a somewhat perfectionistic standpoint of  “I have had issues in my life but now I’m free of that , here’s how”. I find that style of writing can sometimes create a disconnect for me. I am loving the humanity and the rawness in the book. God bless and much love an light to you and your journey.” – Jamie Downey

“Absolutely intrigued by the openness of the mind and spirit and how it can change one’s perception and outlook.
Most enjoyable and comforting words i have heard in a long time.” Alec Muga

“Fantastic framework for thinking about your world and your choices.

For anyone who wishes to explore their true nature and the choices they can and do make, this book provides a great framework to help you on your journey.

Wider in scope than the Law of Attraction covered in such books as “the Secret” Jen Hall gives us an comprehensive overview seven laws which govern the results we achieve in our lives. Complete with descriptions of the science behind the laws and a series of practical exercises to help in mastering the laws, Jen uses powerful examples form her own life to demonstrate the powers of the laws and the tremendous effects they have on achieving the outcomes you wish to achieve. The concept that whatever happens in your life is both good and bad may be difficult to accept at first, but through Jen’s examples and exercises you can see the real sense in the concept and in particular in the power of the Law of Gratitude.

Read the book, try the exercises and you may find that this new way of thinking and being in the world gives you a whole new perspective on your life, your goals and how to achieve them.” – David Brown, Cleveland, QLD Australia

“WOW!!! The road we call Personal Development is littered with excuses and reasons of why we are who we are and why we cannot be the people we want to become. For some that road is a path to be avoided at all costs and for others its as though their experience requires them to feel every stone, pothole and bump along the way. There are those who tackle this road like a commando in full operational disguise and this is how I see Jen’s journey to Awareness. As Jen has been stopped by obstacles too huge to contemplate she has shed layers of her camouflage and faced these obstacles with a fierce determination to learn more about who she is and how better to serve others. For some of us those steps are just too hard to take without someone else holding the light to show us the way and this is what Jen has achieved, she is holding the light so you don’t have to do it by yourself.
This book is so easy to read and in the reading of it you will start to feel the changes in yourself and you will start to ask if you could be better at being you. The answer is Yes! If you have the courage to be a better you, this book will give you the courage to begin” – Sharon Percival

“Jen’s book and her willingness to help others through her own experience is truly inspirational. It is a must-read for everyone, not just people who have hit a bump along the path of life. Jen will arm you with the tools you need to live the life you only ever dreamed of. When reading the book, you get a sense of what a lovely person Jen is and after talking to her there is no doubt in my mind – she has a genuine interest in helping other people live a fulfilling life.” Monique Patterson, Journalist

“My Dear, Dear Friend
Congratulations on sharing your experience to help pave the way for others who may also be struggling. You shared with me concern for those who may find this book confronting. I say only to you and to them that they are indeed the people who should be most grateful. For we cannot move forward in our life without first addressing that which we do find confronting. It is then and only then that we may address the problems that, whether we like it or not, are keeping us from reaching our true instrinsic destiny and purpose. So Jen, on behalf of all those who will read this book, the ones who like, the ones who don’t, the ones who are inspired, those who are not….just yet, THANK YOU!
P.S. Remember girl I knew you first! (lol)” – Christina Bakker

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