KISS Principle of Resilience – from survive to thrive

I have chosen to write my next book on resilience and I can hopefully guide people who are struggling on how they can survive AND thrive. I have decided to share some take away points as I write this book so you don’t have to wait for the end product to gain some immediate benefit. I would love your feedback and comments especially to know what is useful (or not), so the finished book will benefit as many people as possible. I hope you enjoy the snippets I release along the way.

As I face continual challenges with threats of blindness and other issues from autoimmune diseases (Uveitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis), which I will share in greater detail in my book, I think of the following question. Where am I on the continuum of surviving and thriving? I feel like life is playing me like a slide guitar and the player (life) of said guitar is sliding the entire scale range! Those of you who have read Success is Simply Spiritual will be aware of other life changing challenges I have faced in the past. I will address a less imposing, although seriously impacting, challenge that creates difficulties I need to deal with.

The perfectionist trait I have says “I‘m not good enough if I am experiencing the (merely) surviving end of the spectrum” if I want to teach people how to manage well, and thrive. I “should” be a shining example of positivity and happiness. Well life’s not like that, not for me anyway. I ride the waves and occasionally get dumped head first into the sand or even worse, I feel held down topsy-turvy under the waves drowning and wondering if I’ll ever breathe again! I recently attended the Hay House Australia’s Writers Workshop and a very important point was made by Reid Tracy. He said that we all teach what we need to learn, including Louise Hay; a living icon in the world of personal transformation and founder of Hay House Publishing. It’s so refreshing to know that leaders in this field are honest, vulnerable and humble.

So some of my days are just days, some are filled with pure joy, excitement and happiness. Some however, can be anywhere from challenging, cranky, to scary or devastatingly heartbreaking, leaving me wondering how I will get through whatever is breaking my heart; or more aptly put, breaking my mind. But, the reality is I do at least survive every day or I wouldn’t be here now writing this article. I do more than survive; I eventually find ways to thrive!

KISS Principle of Resilience - from survive to thrive
KISS Principle of Resilience – from survive to thrive

So what does thriving mean? The difference between surviving and thriving is resilience. Recognising my resilience through some pretty difficult events and circumstances in the past has shown me that I have courage, strength, internal support, and social support. The years I have spent learning mindfulness skills is paying off with huge dividends. I have faltered many times and fallen in deep holes, often forgetting that I have been in a hole before. You might say I have spent a lot of time sleep walking. Eventually through practicing awareness I can remind myself of the times I have struggled and have triumphed. The fact that I am still here to be aware of this tells me I have made it through whatever has gone before. This too shall pass. Contemplation of questions like “how did I get through that?” reminds me of the skills and traits within me that I have used successfully before; reminding me that I can do it again. Why do I continue to fall down these holes? Simple really, I am human! Life is an ongoing process.

Definition of process: a series of natural occurrences that produce change or development.

I/we will always be learning and will do so at the perfect pace for each of us. We are continually growing or decaying, not static, as are all things in the material world. It’s only the rate of change that varies.

One example of a challenge (hole that I fall in) is that I often set the bar way to high for myself (and then for other people as well), holding on to unreal expectations, and in doing so create more challenges that usually bring me undone again. There is so much judgment hanging around in my head. I often wonder who died and put me in charge of the universe. That’s a huge load to carry and one responsibility I’d rather relinquish. This particular hole is filled with expectations of work commitments, study achievement, creativity, and relationship dramas. Makes you wonder how there is room for me down there! I end up buried underneath the weight of all of it, and when I do … then what? The ship hits the sand! This is where my resilience skills come into play.

Resilience is also a process and it took some time to bring it to conscious awareness and integrate as a usable skill, so patience with yourself as you navigate the process is helpful. Recognition of my resilience in the past (I take time to remember specific challenges I have moved through) helps me switch gears from my head to my heart. When I’m in my head the mind talk is incredibly critical, pressurised, and all about business and ego. When the gears switch to my heart there is now an automatic physical change and response that I recognise … I smile. The smile arises out of innate kindness that I all but bury when I’m in my head. The smile to, and at, myself changes the nature of my being, opens me to courage and strength, along with love, kindness, and compassion; an intrinsic part of our human nature. Then I remember to take a breath, stop and sit with myself, and rediscover who I am, what I would love to experience, how I would love to be of service, and how to love and be kind to others. Then my mind is free to address the practicalities of my situation.

I think the simplest take away for you/anyone from this article is, if you are troubled – no matter how deeply – remember, somehow you have made it through life this far and you can make it through this too. Find a quiet moment, take a deep breath in and exhale a few times to create some present centred space, and think about the following 7 steps:

  • Think of a former challenge that you have overcome.
  • What thoughts and actions got you through your most difficult times in the past?
  • Who helped and supported you?
  • What do you need to have or do right now?
  • Who can help you get it or do it?
  • Let go of the questions and let the answers come to you at a later time if necessary.
  • Keep your attention on your breath for a few minutes if you can.

You have what it takes to be resilient – to not only survive, but to thrive!

Reach back to remember how you got through hard times before,

Reach within to your strength and courage,

Reach out for the help you need (especially when in crisis), and

Reach forward into the present and your future knowing you have what it takes to survive and thrive!


Do remember that help is available 24/7 if you feel you need help to cope in a crisis. It’s OK to ask for help when you need it.

If you would like my support please do contact me here.